Adoul Jibrel

When there is a will, there’s a way – Adoul Jibrel

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My name is Adoul Jibrel and I am a fresh graduate from the University of Bahrain. I hold a bachelor degree in Architecture, which I received from my university in May 2017. Five years of bachelor studies went by incredibly fast, from learning, searching, working hard to having fun and enjoying the free time. Just like any experience a young person would go through in his/her university life. But that does not last long. Eventually for each phase there is an ending point that we can use to start a new beginning. And that is exactly what happened to me too. After graduation, I used my time productively. I began searching for jobs, trained myself to acquire new skills. When you enter the professional life, you feel a sense of maturity, responsibility and independence.

Most graduates expect life to be so easy after graduation and think that finding the job will happen in a blink of an eye. Despite my good portfolio was good, reality was totally the opposite. And when reality hits, it hits so hard. Once I graduated I kept searching for jobs for about 3 months. Applying to several architectural offices and studios in many countries. And just to be on the safe side, I also applied to different master programs. That’s when I received tons of rejection emails and sometimes there was no answer at all! Just like everyone else, I was going through a hard time receiving these rejection emails. With every rejection it was a fall to me, but I never lost hope in what I believe in. I felt very compelled to try and apply to Germany. But fear held me for far too long to take the leap and contact my previous boss Architect Stuart Stadler asking for a job opportunity. During my internship here, my boss was a source of inspiration and motivation to me, which motivated me to give it a shot. I followed my heart and decided to apply.

I was very hesitant in applying here again. This wasn’t an easy decision after all. I kept questioning every possibility and anticipating all the outcomes. “What if my decision is wrong? What if I can’t handle the consequences of my decisions? Should I really do this?” Such questions cross your mind before making big decisions. But my curiosity and strong will in learning more about architecture boosted my confidence to go ahead and apply.

Today, I am pleased that I am here now at Stuart Stadler Architekten VfA, acquiring new skills and experiences in architecture and gaining knowledge more and more day by day.


Adoul Jibrel
A fresh graduate from the University of Bahrain

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