Adoul Jibrel

Adoul Jibrel – What is it like to be a student of architecture in Bahrain?

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A small island that is located in the Arabian Gulf. Its people are famous for their hospitality and big hearts. It has been known for its strong connection between India and northern Asia and Europe in terms of trades and you can also find in it one of the most expensive pearls in the world. In the past, this island has been known as Delmon. But now it has changed. I live on a land of the two seas, people like to call it Bahrain.

I am from Manama, Bahrain. And currently I am preparing for my Last year in architecture school. I have enrolled in the university in 2012. I have applied for architecture, due to my interest of how much architecture could change people’s life and in a way or another can control it.  Our study program is for five years of long study plan, that we learn so many things in each semester that I cannot imagine myself learning it somewhere else. We have architect’s and students workshops every week that the knowledge is being exchanged between all. Meanwhile every two weeks there is either site visit for the students or an architectural event that aims to let students explore their abilities and open their minds to think out of the box. These events and trips are all organized by students from the AIAS (American Institute of Architecture student) that I was a team board with them.

We are a multicultural university. It is common in my university to find people from various different backgrounds, which makes studying this major in Bahrain even more beautiful and exciting. The communication is easy and flexible because everybody is speaking one international language which is English. As a student for four years in the university inwards I can tell you that the architecture department has grown and had witnessed lots of changes in it. Studying architecture on this Island is a different kind of experience as I felt it so. It is easy to lose track of what architecture really is. However, all what it needs is a matter of dedication you put into it. My experience in architecture in university of Bahrain is defiantly one of a kind. Even though the architectural studies in Bahrain is still being developed, and with time the culture of studying here is becoming more integrated with the international one year by year. As the UOB has took two years ago the NAAB (National Architectural Accreditation Board accreditation) as it is one of few universities in the Middle East that is accredited by the NAAB. Studying architecture itself made me explore myself to the max, go out of my comfort zone, and the most I have learnt is how to help other architecture students through their college life. The funny part that I will never learn how to do it right is time management before the final Presentation of Jury day. HAHAHA, I believe all architecture students around the world knows what I am talking about.

All in all, architecture in Bahrain holds a bright future, and has a great potential as it is growing day by day. At last, I believe that if you have ever got a dream go after it and shoot for the moon so you may land on the stars that is how I would describe my studying passed years in University of Bahrain.

Adoul Jibrel
Student of University of Bahrain

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